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The Strategy Call

Everything starts here! We will take a few minutes to visit and learn more about your advertising goals

This will help us understand your:

  • Products or Services
  • Target audience
  • Design Style
  • Current market
  • Advertising goals
  • Sales and Marketing process

Getting started is simple

Let’s put something on the calendar. The strategy call is at no cost to you. Schedule your call today to see how we can help and find out if we are a good fit.

These are just a few of the things we love to do


Ask the right questions


Create uniformity


Increase confidence


Improve recognition


Boost credibility


Think outside the box


Branding goes beyond a logo. It should tell your story and your values

That’s where we come in! Through the strategy and a little bit of research, we can get a feeling for who you are, who your customers are and how you take care of them. We also look to understand your core values and your company’s belief system. All these elements combined help shape your brand.

Why you?

You do things a certain way. Why? Your brand should let others feel it.

product offer

Logo, colors, style, images should all enhance your products and services.

Sales process

How your customers purchase from you shapes how you brand yourself


Determine how your brand is marketed and what options are available


options vary depending on complexity

branding packages starting at $800

three key componets play a role in pricing


A different strategy is required for a new brand in comparison to a re-branding project. The amount of content creation can vary greatly.


Consider this: beyond a logo, what else needs to be addressed? Social media profiles, business cards, mailers, website graphics, etc.


Branding projects can be started on the per-project basis or on a continued basis to constantly provide you with high quality, professional designs

this is the time to take action. Here is how our process works:

What’s Next?

Strategy call

Schedule your FREE Strategy Call today – it’s at no cost to you!
After your call is booked, you will receive an email with a quick worksheet that will help us both get the most out of the call.
One of the biggest purposes of the call is to help us determine if we would be the right fit to work together. We are often able to estimate a branding package cost during the call.

What’s After the call?


Our team will write a proposal based on what we learned during the Strategy Call and any additional research done.
You will then have the opportunity to review, make changes, and approve the proposed budget, timeframe and scope of work.

and then?

We get to work

Once the proposal has been approved and payment arrangements have been made, our team will put our boots on and get to work. Depending on the complexity of the branding package, additional planning and strategy may be needed before design work can start.

You made it this far!

What's holding you back? Questions? Get answers to some of your questions before you get started. Connect with us today via email or messenger.